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A skilled Attorney knows there’s more than one way to get the result a client wants. Sometimes a person must demand their day in court. And sometimes, a person, in spite of competing legal issues, feels a powerful need to admit their harmful choices and make things right.

Demand Justice.

Everyday, people are accused of crimes they didn’t commit. Some are arrested. Hauled off to jail. Lose their jobs. Relationships are broken. They get stuck in an endless cycle of attorneys, courts, jail, fines, driver license suspensions, employment issues, school setbacks, and money – – it seems there’s no end. Some people are forever broken. Changed. Chewed up by the system.

Still for some, perhaps it’s resilience, a fire inside, an unwavering sense of right & wrong. Or maybe they’re just lucky to have good support. But they fight. They push through walls. Against all odds they stand up and say not me; not today: “I demand justice.” 

My job is to get you there. 


How will you show up?

For some, repairing the harm IS the best justice

Some Lawyers do More than Defend

Sometimes you have to think outside the law. In order to give you more options for resolving certain cases, I may offer a meeting with a Restorative Justice facilitator. This only works in unique circumstances where all parties involved (usually victim and offender, parent and child, student and teacher) agree to go through the restoration process. This agreement is made even if there are no guarantees the outcome will influence or affect any criminal case that may still need to be resolved. 

You Are More Than One Behavior; One Mistake

Whether your circumstances involve a criminal case, a violation or harm that occurred on a college campus, a situation between family members or coworkers, restorative justice may help. This process is about first acknowledging and then doing the hard work to truly repair the harm done. 

How Restorative Justice Approaches Can Help You

Many times, a victim or an aggrieved person wants or needs to hear an apology from the offender and to then tell the offender how their negative actions impacted the victim, and what the offender must do to repair the harm. 

Crime Causes Harm; Justice Repairs Harm

When the focus is repairing the harm by working to understand the impact of one’s actions and then striving to make the victim whole again, “Justice” moves from a punishment model to a restorative model: One in which the person harmed has direct involvement in the agreed upon outcome of the process. This is very different from what usually happens in court. Criminal cases are routinely resolved without the victim’s needs and concerns being fully addressed. 

Many victims (and offenders) find great healing in having a safe, meaningful dialogue about one’s choices and actions and the significant impact one’s regretful behavior had on another human. However, this process begins with regret. Real remorse. No excuses. No justifications. Only a genuine need to make amends. To make things right. 

Whether you are a victim or an offender, if a Restorative Justice meeting (also known as a circle) would be beneficial to you, I will arrange an initial meeting between you and a professional, experienced facilitator. You can ask questions and gain an understanding of the process and discuss your concerns. You can then decide how to proceed. There is no cost for this initial meeting.

When you lead with your soul, real change can happen.

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