Expunge or Seal Criminal Records

Criminal History Exists Even if Case is Dropped

Did you know that in Florida, even if the charges against you were dropped or dismissed, a criminal record still exists and follows you around forever unless it is expunged or sealed? This may keep you from getting the job you want or the educational opportunities you had hoped for. However, your past mistakes do not have to hold you back like dead weight. Florida Law allows you to Expunge or Seal certain criminal charges or crimes.

Expunging and Sealing Attorney can Clear Your Record

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Seal or Expunge Your Florida Record

What’s the difference? Click here for Expunging and Sealing Frequently Asked Questions.

You May Be Eligible to Seal Your Record if Adjudication was Withheld 

Under Florida Statutes 943.059, in order to seal your criminal record, you must:

  • have never previously sealed or expunged a criminal record in any jurisdiction,
  • have never been adjudicated guilty by the court for any offenses, and not have committed certain offenses.
  • If the court ordered that adjudication was withheld and you are otherwise eligible, your record may be sealed. 

When your criminal record is sealed, the public will no longer have access to it. The data is removed from the Criminal Information Justice System, and the record will not show up on any background checks for employment or educational opportunities. However, certain governmental entities will still have access to it in order to perform their duties, including criminal justice agencies and certain judges. After your criminal record has been sealed for 10 years, you may then ask the Court to expunge the record.

Expunging Your Record if Your Case Was Dismissed

Under Florida Statutes 943.0585, in order to expunge your criminal record:

  • your charges must have been abandoned, dropped or dismissed by the state, and
  • you must have had no other criminal records expunged in any jurisdiction.

When your criminal record is expunged, it is destroyed and not able to be viewed without a court order. However, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement does keep one copy of the record and certain governmental agencies will have access to your criminal record. Additionally, you may be required to disclose the sealing or expunction for certain jobs applications. The government agencies who are permitted to have knowledge of your criminal record will receive a statement indicating the criminal record has been expunged, but they will have no access to the record itself.

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If the charges against you were dismissed, and you have no other convictions, your record can be expunged, deleted, wiped clean. If adjudication was withheld by the court, and you have no other convictions, you may be eligible to have your record sealed. However, it depends on your specific charges. 

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