Assault, Battery & Violent Crimes

Assault, Battery and Violent Crimes in Florida

Allegations of assault or violent crimes can have a lasting effect on a person’s life, even if the allegations turn out to be false. For example, a violent crime conviction could lead to imprisonment, fines, and/or detrimentally impact educational and employment opportunities. Some of the most common violent crimes charges in Florida are:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Assault / Aggravated Assault
  • Battery
  • Felony /Aggravated Battery
  • Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer
  • Robbery / Armed Robbery
  • Murder
  • Homicide
  • Manslaughter

Gainesville, Florida Assault and Battery Defense Attorney

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Violent Crimes Offenses and Florida Statutes

  • Assault – Fla. Stat. § 784.011: This offense is the intentional act of violence, or threat to cause violence, to someone else. A person who assaults another has to be capable of committing the threatened act, and the intended victim has to be fearful the act is going to happen in the near future.
  • Aggravated Assault – Fla. Stat. § 784.021: This assault involves a deadly weapon without intending to kill the victim, or an assault that was intended to cause a felony against the victim.
  • Battery – Fla. Stat. § 784.03: This offense is defined as intentionally touching someone against their will, or intentionally touching someone to cause harm.
  • Felony Battery – Fla. Stat. § 784.041: This type of battery causes great bodily harm or permanent disability or disfigurement to the victim.
  • Aggravated Battery – Fla. Stat. § 784.045: This type of battery is committed with a deadly weapon by a person who intentionally or knowingly causes great bodily harm, permanent disability or disfigurement to the victim. Aggravated battery can also be a battery upon a pregnant woman who the offender knew or should have known was pregnant.
  • Robbery – Fla. Stat. § 812.13: This offense occurs when someone takes money or other property from someone else, with the intent to permanently or temporarily deprive the person of the money or property, and in the course of taking the item, the offender uses force, violence, an assault or causes fear in the victim. This offense can be in the first or second degree, depending on whether a weapon was used, and the type of weapon used.

Under Florida Statute 784.03, the crime of misdemeanor or simple Battery occurs when a person:

1. Actually and intentionally touches or strikes another person against the will of the other; or
2. Intentionally causes bodily harm to another person.

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